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Pearl colorful, glittering, is a kind of precious adornment, can make the necklace, hairpin, earring, ring to wait adorn article; Pearl powder can be made into senior for products and cosmetics, such as cream, face creams, facial cleanser, such as fluid of pearl powder also can be medicine, can "town DingJing, qinggan except heart muscle" born ", convergence, used in fright, epilepsy, JingFeng, spilled hot DingJing, anticorrosive born muscle, improving eyesight detoxification, etc. 

Using pearl processed into in the extensive use of pearl powder, adapting to the amount is large, so we can increase energy into the professional production. Adopting new liquefaction pearl processing method, rejected the traditional pearl manual processing field use of strong acid, strong alkali, methods of high temperature and high pressure. Successfully captured pearl essences extracted unable to fully the historic problem, effective are avoided effectively the effective ingredients of pearl to cause damage, thus completely retained the pearl of peptide, drying, writer taozhu etc active factor, make human body skin cells can complete absorption and makes pearl powder natural beauty, medicine efficacy more outstanding. And Chinese medicine "diet therapy" of the dialectical giving food therapy, five to four sex by theory as a foundation, elaborate the development of a new generation "natural health food," xi xianpai seawater zhucun powder series products, create new era.   

Never pauses to invest tecumseh, to develop new products, companion you health, forever beautiful!




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