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North sea pearl chamber of commerce was established
Date:2011-03-29 Click: Author :admin

Chamber of commerce members sign in autonomic integrity convention

Report from our correspondent (reporter LiuWei) after a long preparation, enterprise dealer own organization beihai pearl chamber of commerce 11 morning founded and chose their own leadership organization.

By the first founding conference President, vice President of the council, secretary general and honorary President, honorary vice-presidents and beihai pearl chamber of commerce first member list, read out self-discipline integrity convention held the self-discipline integrity convention and signature ceremony. Deputy secretary of municipal party committee, told the meeting ChengZhongXiong north sea pearl, how to make the famous brand of zhucun this playing well began to beihai pearl industry, the development is very important. Nearly a period to, because sales market some practitioners foreword competition, lack of sincerity, causes the market pass away the sham as the genuine, damage to the north sea pearl's reputation. Recently the government has decided to develop a pearl in the market, and the reorganization of the activities related to promulgated the pearl market and price management method ", safeguarding the image of the city of zhucun brand and beihai. But the government can perform supervision and guidance, pearl industry standard management, rules and standards of quality more still basically rely on market formulated by means of pearl industry professionals, founded the self-consciousness of the action, therefore, it is very necessary to pearl chamber of commerce timely. ChengZhongXiong hope beihai pearl chamber of commerce, give full play to the chamber of commerce as soon as operational advantage and function, and actively cooperate with the international ZhenZhuJie do good beihai, let north sea pearl reputation around the world, let whole zhucun replay brilliance.

Vice mayor ChenChengCai said, enterprise of pearl (there are more than 1,000, standardized household) 33.5 hectares, with an average annual breeding area of pearl production accounts for about 45% of the country's total output. Pearl chamber of commerce, after the establishment of member units and individuals had a system management mechanism, with standard industry market standards, will be to govern pearl market which plays an important role.

Vice chairman of the CPPCC municipal department minister, WuDaoYe attended the conference.

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