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Natural honey raise colour 23 method
Date:2011-03-29 Click: Author :admin

Honey for women has many USES, direct edible benefits most people know, now use honey do mask, with very good hairdressing effect. Here and share with you, of course, honey must use pure oh! Don't buy casually in the street. Internal or external use honey, can improve nutrition, promote skin metabolism, improve skin vigor and antibacterial force, reduce pigmentation, prevent dry skin, make skin soft, clean, exquisite, and can reduce wrinkles and control acne skin disorders, have the ideal raise yan meirong role with honey. Here small make up introduces the 23 kinds of methods to beauty

Pure honey - 【 appraisal method 】 :

(1) take iodine a spoon (small clinics have), drop 2-3 dripping honey down, such as color black mixed or grey, is commonly is a pure honey (sugar or other material), such as color is kept constant, is pure honey. This method is simple and practical.

(2) a see: true honey, provoke a sticky shape is no depletion; flexible filament, False honey has suspended solids or precipitation, provoke the drip down, when a depletion. Whoever ingredients noted in the table sugar, sugar, the composition such as fructose syrup, should be false honey.

Two smell: true honey is light plant flavour flowers; False honey smells a pungent odor or ShuiGuoTang flavour.

Three taste: true honey is sweet and delicious, mouth feeling sticky paste and minor light acidity crystallization block teeth namely, Jesus, contained melt; False honey GuSeWei or chemicals are plant, such as sugar, crystalline blocks chewing brittle loud sound.

Four hot water soluble: will honey in a hot water melting, quiet place 3-4 hours if no precipitation happened for pure honey is, honey.

1, honey cucumber facial mask (whitening except knit) take fresh cucumber juice add milk powder, honey, anti ichy ointment apply well-mixed few drops besmear after surface, 20-30 minutes abluent, or cucumber wash and slice thinly directly pastes it to face, with skin and whitening, except knit role.

2, honey pearl powder mask to prepare a clean little bottle, half bottle of pearl powder, pour into honey, edge again slowly pour, stirring, make honey and pearl powder mix adequately, note honey don't fall too much, can move into mushy. This mask is done. Before using, first with warm water to clean the face, then the tone with small a swab dipped in uniform must besmear face better on the face, not too thick, thin thin can, over 1-2 hours later washed, can make the face is smooth, glossy.

Three, red wine honey mask (whitening and nourishing)

The wine is red, oleanolic acid can promote cutin xincheng metabolism, the desalination pigment, let the skin more white and smooth. Honey has moisturizing and nourishing effect. Methods: a small glass of wine add 2 to 3 spoon honey moves to a thick state, evenly apply is on the face, eight after working rinse off with warm water. Note: alcohol allergy person careful!

4, honey double kernels mask (go spot)

Wax gourd benevolence oleic acid containing fat the composition such as amino acid, melons, have the effect of pale spot. Nut is rich in vitamin E, vitamin B6, not only helps skin antioxidant, still can reduce ultraviolet harm. Honey nourishing moisturizing effect and the efficacy, make mask better effects.

Methods: winter melon seeds benevolence, nut when dried ground into segments, add a little honey mix a sticky creamy, besmear before sleeping night spots, wash the following morning, apply three weeks later, spots will become weak gradually, treatment should pay attention to prevent bask in.

5, honey glycerin mask (water)

Honey a spoon, glycerin, a spoon to two teaspoons of water, mix adequately, become namely mask creams, when using lightly on the face and neck, form the membrane, 20-25 minutes carefully remove the mask can, this mask can be used for ordinary, dry skin, decaying, 1-2 times a week

30 to 45 days a period of treatment.

6, honey tomato mask (whitening except knit)

First the tomato pressure lousy take juice, add a little honey and a little flour attune into paste, apply to face hold 20-30 minutes, has make the skin moist, tender and soft function, use for a long time also has spot except knit and treatment of skin acne, and other functions.

7, honey lemon mask (sunscreen)

Raw eggs a, honey a teaspoon, lemon half, flour mixture mixing into right amount, paste, apply to face the next day after sleep, rinse with warm water. Insist to use prevent bask in effect has a significant.

8, honey apply face

Honey can supply skin nutrients and can keep skin elasticity, so also are called "nutrition apply face". Add flour or honey among wheat flour, mixing into paste, when washing a face, apply is in facial ministry after about 30 minutes with warm water wash off can. Because in the honey smell, can be appropriately to join a few drops of lemon juice to reduce taste.

9, honey yogurt mask (refirm pore)

(1), honey and yogurt to 1:1 proportion mix together, coated in the face, after 15 minutes with clean water to wash, this mask is the convergence of the pores.

(2), yogurt, honey, lemon juice each 100 milligrams of vitamin E, plus five goals well-mixed, apply face and keep 15 minutes, then wash with water. This law can promote skin table of dead cell falls off, the new cell regeneration, so as to achieve the purpose of bodybuilding skin.

10, honey facial cleanser hairdressing method


Fresh, pure, light color, not easy crystallization of high quality natural honey, into small mouth hairdressing with glass container (hot summer must to place freezer storage indoor). Every time when washing a face, first with warm water wash face, then pour out ShuangZhang apply to palm, honey to rub (if feel too thick, usable dip take a few water fingertips mixing), then hands in facial massage outwards up, focus on the following several parts meticulous massage: canthus crow's feet place, use both hands show abdomen for circular massage; Frontal TaiTouWen vertical massage; Nose ring massage, both sides ji nose edge make fluctuation massage; From the neck part massage; The ear side fluctuation massage; For eight mouth around or reverse horoscope massage. Massage finished, with warm water clean, besmear cha nutrition protect skin to taste.

Make the skin smooth and delicate

11. (honey + water)

Honey contains large can be absorbed by human body of amino acids, enzyme, hormone, vitamin and sweets, have nourishing skin hairdressing effect. Use honey added 2-3 times water dilute, the daily apply face, can make skin smooth and tender.

12. (honey + vinegar)

Honey and vinegar each 1-2 TBSP, boiled water a blunt, daily 2-3 times, taking on time. Insist for a long time, can make the rough skin tender and smooth.

13. Honey grape juice mask

Take honey 20 grams join grape juice 20 grams, add mixing edge join starch 10 grams, agitate. After washing a face mask to the face, 10 minutes later use clean water to remove. This mask use suitable for oily skin, commonly used can make skin smooth and tender.

14. Honey lemon mask

Take honey 10 grams every heating water to 60 ℃, add the lemon juice 10 ml soften. After washing a face evenly on face, 20 ~ 30 minutes after washing, daily 1 times. This mask can make the skin delicate.




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