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24 hour eye small method
Date:2011-03-29 Click: Author :admin

The day begins, should be with the most bright eyes to meet photographer captious lens

1 if feel eye dropsy, will a teaspoon of salt dissolve in a cup of warm water, after the cotton wet dry moisture, apply is in pressure on several minutes, eyes can effectively reduce swelling.

2 in the morning after, drink a cup of warm lemonade, can eliminate the toxin in the body, prevent the appearance of relaxation.

3 if the night before drinking too much water cause eye dropsy, can to use cold water to wash your face, then use a cold towel apply eye; If the night before drinking or stay up cause eye dropsy, should use the wen towel, to promote covering eye eye blood circulation, relieve eye muscle fatigue.

4 selected suits own eye frost texture is very important. Generally, cream eye frost nutrition is rich, the eye gel focused on filling water. Eyes swollen because eye cannot absorb moisture gathered, skin, if again water, can only make the situation worse. So in eye swollen days, must choose a eliminate dropsy function eye frost.

10:00 a.m.

Working space, do some simple eye movement, relieve staring lens caused eye fatigue. A few simple action, can make you laugh stiff eyes look brand-new, at any time with beautiful posture accept lens test

1 head and keep still move only eyes, try to look up, 5 seconds later turned to the next hope again 5 seconds.

2 eyes look, 5 seconds left to right after looking again.

3 from left to right slowly rotating eyeball, repeat 5 times.

4 from right to left, slowly rotating eyeball, repeat 5 times.

At 2:00 p.m.

After lunch, slightly do after the break, do a simple eye massage, help eye week blood flow circulation

1 with middle finger and ring finger lightly in orbit, relieve eye organization.

2 to start by bridge of the nose, with middle finger gently press palpebral, according to the canthus transferred to eye end.

Three from outside canthus is started, with middle finger gently press eyelids, by eye end according to canthus.

At 6:00 p.m.

Just friends, ready to work for the appointment, drew day of thick makeup can finally be uninstalled, clean the trick is to reduce the essential skills of wrinkles around eyes

1 discharge makeup fluid don't use fingers take, should dip in with all fingers will discharge makeup fluid daub is on the face. The movement direction should hand from inside to outside, top-down.

2 in the eyes drip into the have moist effect eye drops, can ease dry eye symptoms.

10:00 p.m.

Bedtime ready, tomorrow won't top a pair of swollen eye up

1 bedtime three hours don't drink water more, or whether you're single-edged eyelid, double-fold eyelid, the next day will edema.

2 when sleeping will raise 5-10cm pillow, so that water would not gathered in eye week cause eye ministry oedema.

3 go to bed with ring finger lightly in, after the double eyelid now place intermediate 10-12 times, such conducing to eye week lymph circulation, reduce eye effusion.




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