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Dark under-eye circles the small doohickey eye week blood clot
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Women hate black rim of the eye, black rim of the eye is eye week bad circulation caused eye week blood clot, plus eye week skin extremely thin, easy to give blood clot shadows. Black rim of the eye and perhaps the eye week excessive melanin calm cause, or because the chromosome dominance heredity. Chronic sleep debt, excessive fatigue, treating disease, blood is insufficient, the endocrine disorder, local varicosity, trauma and makeup may lead to black eye socket or worse.

There are several ways of dealing with black rim of the eye, here to introduce a paragraph of eye mask, mainly specializing in phoenix qi deficiency caused by the black rim of the eye, internal and external simultaneously, have better improve role, especially suitable for the economy can't upscale cosmetology and high-grade cosmetics people.

Return chicken to eye mask delicious nourishing and dark circles

Material: dangshen 20 grams, north Qi 40 grams, qin arrows are 20 grams, and bone chickens 1 only (about 1000 grams), sand pot, small bowl, a swab, mask.



The choose and buy dangshen, qin return and north arrows Qi, north Qi, can buy directly arrows slice, also can wash after their slice. Qi belongs to north of arrows, astragalus born here must be chosen, and don't choose flashlight. Born of gas-solid table, focuses on benefit torre, the water poisoned born muscle refund swollen; The emphasis on char, tonifying qi sun Microsystems.


The second step, choose and buy only about 1,000 commonly to 1 is best grams left and right sides, not had egg seed hen. After the slaughter to hair and viscera wash. The commissions.the salt put chicken body wipe again.match chickens a very thin, yellow skin wash, braised out of mud the soup without peculiar smell.

(note, must choose seed hen! Contemporary dietetics proof, the nutrients in broiler chickens chicken than old hen much higher. Chickens's flesh including protein is more, and old hen meat 60% are fat and elastic connective tissue. Elastic connective tissue is a kind of insoluble in water, can only be elastic protein absorption. And a human body after cooked meat in chickens, chicken easily separated, tender and soft, elastic connective tissue that contain less, nutrition more beneficial to human digestion and absorption. Choose seed hen another benefit, less fat and eat not fat.)


The third step will tangshen, qin dynasty

Return, north Qi, together with arrows commonly in sand pot, add water to fire five bowl, first, again with small fire boiling pot 2 hour above, get involved, shall be Qi, take thick, and filled the bottle 200 ml sauce, cross-matched spare; The rest add spice points repeatedly ate. Every morning and evening each a small bowl.

This type of nourishing soup, drink up no bitter feeling, a little Chinese medicine's faint scent, entrance is thick chicken fragrance and light back to sweet, and delicious.


From the refrigerator before bedtime chicken soup, use a swab remove about the size of ludou colloidal body. With ring finger apply eye week and gently pat around eyes belly every 15 times.

Chicken soup condensation, will in surface appear colloidal body, night face before sleeping, remove cross-matched chicken soup, use a swab take out about the size of colloidal body mung bean, nod besmear with ring finger in abdominal gently eye week skin. If time is abundant, can use both hands in the ring finger, continuous eye belly part 15 times each point gently pat, accelerate the blood circulation, promote black rim of the eye dimmed.

Just besmear, feeling a little discomfort, thought of the greasy chicken soup coated in the face, may have some psychological barriers. Actually, besmear up feeling is not uncomfortable, cool, also don't think very fat, like gel, easy to delay spread, as also very moist.




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