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Honey raise colour detoxification method
Date:2011-03-29 Click: Author :admin

Honey is the effect may be beauty, estee lauder BaiDaFu chanel, JiaoLan these skincare brand, poor, BBS has been introduced in many ways to JM. However, honey is also ruled out of our body toxin DD, presented here good two ways is to use the honey row poison keep a yan.

1, honey + green bean soup

Ingredients: honey a cup, about 50 grams of water 2000CC mung bean

Practice: 50 grams 2000CC water, frame mung bean join set about pot, boil water is also 1500CC pot, put a ceasefire, when the temperature, filter the mung bean soup only. A week two to three times available for advisable.

2, honey + green tea

Ingredients: honey moderate, green beans 2000CC 50 grams of water around

This I think everybody will be right, here I not much said, just want to say one, green tea don't bubble of too thick, otherwise will bitter, honey addition amount to perfectly advisable.

Little TIPS:

1, you might ask, honey is sweet foods, to eat many will get fat, here as long as you eat right amount, proper methods is not fat, instead can help reduce weight, honey is the sugar, fructose and glucose as they pass through the stomach can directly be absorbed, won't cause precipitation.

2, a little secret: a teaspoon pure honey, an egg white, 1 tablespoon milk with hand to massage mixing, warm body, the gimmick with about five minutes after rinse with warm water to absorb, you will find that the skin real-time become lubrication.




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