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Fifteen parity raise colour method
Date:2011-03-29 Click: Author :admin

1. When wanting to sleep, take small cucumber to cut a few minutes hail placed face took down, a month you face would white tender.

2. The cheapest makeup is used before sleeping cotton is added make up after water is soaked completely, apply is in 20 minutes on the face, every week 3, your skin can have the shui liangqing that!

3. Getting up to drink 2 cups of water, among them a cup of add some salt, can clear intestines and stomach.

4. Before going out, must wipe segregation frost and sunscreen and returned home remember to immediately remove makeup.

5. First with warm water reoccupy cold water washs a face can let skin clean and wool stoma is met decrescent.

6. Must drink water do not stay up late, eat deepfry less kind thing, maintain skin cleanness.

7. After washing a face every night, recuperate is happy much fell in cosmetic cotton, direct apply in two buccal, even the forehead and chin can also be incidentally on apply, not only promoted and whitening, because every time dosage of only about six points a bottle of raise happy much.

8. Drink less in the evening, the daytime drink water more, bedtime apply bright water mask; Eat more fruit, and drink not smoking, ensure bright water don't sit up.

9. With cold tea first include apply key point 5 minutes, then do the motion of a similar yoga, this movement is first cross one's legs, raise the hand again tall hind bend over forth below, maintain this pose about ten minutes. This movement initially didn't do easily ten minutes, want the practice of period of time, but the effect is really good.

10. Pure water bottle, as long as a week USES pure water washs a face 3 ~ 4 times, and often with makeup with pure water apply face, mian face face naturally nifty oh!!

11. Use meaning benevolence powder, add a teaspoon of water, in about 1000cc when drinking water to drink

For skin, not only to reduce weight, even have magical efficacy oh! This is using meaning benevolence, the effect with diuresis can reduce puffiness, so has thin body and thin face effect, and to whiten skin also has a lot of help.

12. Yeast powder 1 big spoon (supermarkets) impose unified yogurt 1/2 cup apply proper amount to the face film paper again stuck at on the face 5 ~ 10 minutes a week, about 2 ~ 3 times whitening effect will be better. And the SKII mask has same effect be economical!

13. Small folk prescription: it is muscovado + honey + little water; Although a bit troublesome, but can make skin water tender water tender!

14. Shif the optimal dairy milk powder to pour milk (when winter needs airtight), and then a little longer in the fridge for can use it, making more can be used to drink, the original is used to reduce weight! But used to apply face better, whitening effect is very good. But you have to endure a yogurt sour taste!!

15. With flour honey and milk to the formulation of the 2:1:1 well-mixed, weekly apply face two times, each time 15 ~ 20 minutes, rinse with warm water, will make up cotton wet with pat face, this lotion recipe needing match on a secrete trick ~ ~ take a bath every day before and then will face clean face, let bath honey daub of steam, will be precious honey steamed into the stoma




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