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Save money and effective green tea skin beautifying DIY
Date:2011-03-29 Click: Author :admin

The wonderful green purposes

Green tea hairdressing: who knows the skin to prevent oxidation, uv, even young women is no exception. Instead of worship than appreciating the high-tech compounds, the wonderful function, its green tea contains rich vitamin C, caffeine, tea acid, can play the antioxidant, and swim ion role, to help remove wrinkles and freckles.

In addition to provide a little secret: you want to make your skin radiant, just drink green tea is not enough. Will the tea dross as mask that apply in any part of the body, with chemical method than the LuNi made more useful.

Green tea thin body: compared with chili, coffee etc thin body slimming more peaceful way, green tea, it effectively in aromatic compounds, can be deliquescent adipose, change chaotic to greasy, prevent adipose accumulation body, and vitamin B1, vitamin C and caffeine can promote gastric juice to secrete, peptic with disappear fat. In addition, green tea can also increase humoral, nutrition and caloric metabolism, aggrandizement capillary circulation, reduce fat deposition.

Green tea refreshing: clever girl will drink green tea, a can increase Malaysia temperament; Green tea contains caffeine first will let you with energy, work up a clear head and active thinking. And the caffeine in coffee green than the content of the human body, less irritating than coffee small.

Green tea powder + lotion = skin enjoy nutrients

Will green tea powder mixed chamfer frost mixing together after bath, massage upward from the legs to the upper body. Strongly recommend "iced green tea law that protect skin" : will match good green tea body milk in the refrigerator, summer after bath, can use immediately remove heat, full-bodied cool mash.

Green tea + hot water = green tea a bubble bath

Two big teaspoon green tea into clean short tube socks, with a rubber will speak firmly bind, put in bubble outfit hot water bath crock. Green tea aroma have loosen the mood, soothing effect, green tea contain theophylline and caffeine can help body catchment, improve the bloated obesity.

Green tea to acne whitening mask

; Material: green tea powder 1 small spoon, a. dahurica powder 10 grams, green soybean meal 2 big spoon

Making method:

1. Green soybean meal after adding a. dahurica powder stir, then add green tea powder mix.

2. Will make green tea mask cover entire face, to stay in the face about 10 a 15 minutes, rinse in cold or warm water.

Green tea close skin

Material: green tea powder 1 small spoon, flour 1 spoon half, honey or aloe 2 big spoon

Production methods: flour add honey or aloe mixing, again with green tea powder mixed apply cover in the face, spread a layer of the wet noodles paper, 20, 30 minutes after washing. Will play tonning effect, the skin also special smooth, had just finished washing bath mask works better. Doing

Warm prompt: apply after the mask of skin will be very sensitive, do not go up instantly makeup. Even to makeup also please thin sparsely coated with a little lotion or latex can.

Green tea moisturizing toner

Production methods: will a few green tea tea, a grapefruit sections and 400 milliliters of low-alcohol liquor in clean, covered in the bottle after bottle caps in the shade, sealing a month after can be used to remove, grapefruit.

Green tea lotion can be used not only in the face, it can also be applied to systemic skin, skin coarse, dark, sufficient with weather-shack can play moist effect.

Green tea eyes SPA

Making method: the ChaWan close to the bubble has tea around her eyes, the zheng big eyes let tea on the steam to heat the eye. Green tea hot compress can eliminate eye fatigue, drowsiness, promote blood cycle, the eye causes due to insufficient sleep eye swelling (pouch) can have turned the role of inhibition.

Note: hot compress can still be drinking the tea after. Tea can also provide the rich vitamin necessary nutrition, eye to achieve inside and outside to hold concurrently fill, the effect is much better.




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