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Zymolysing pearl liquid and the use of production technology
Date:2011-03-29 Click: Author :admin

Pearl is always regarded as classy medicine, have clear liver, improving eyesight, raise colour effect. The traditional taking method is to serve the grinding into powder. Because pearl around 95% of calcium carbonate, containing the stimulation of the stomach is larger, it is difficult to absorb, lowered its efficacy. Will the pearl, the amino acid hydrolysis become state can greatly improve its role. The past used hydrochloric acid hydrolysis method, defect is reaction violent, process complex, long production period, effective component loss. But the enzyme reaction solutions hydrolyzed pearl, gentle, simple technology, production cycle is short, maximum effective components, saved can fully improve its medicinal value. Pearl conch, shell meat and pearl has the same effective component. Therefore, with the shell, meat as raw materials, it can have a comprehensive hydrolysis of double effect utilization and environmental protection. This technical production zymolysing pearl liquid, the mensuration: contain cow the total more than 6000ppm 1.5%, amino acids, including more than human must amino acids for: 437ppm, leucine 801ppm valine 351ppm, methionine gal, isoleucine 404ppm, phenylalanine (add tyrosine 626ppm, tryptophan quantity, threonine 340ppm, lysine 712ppm.

A pearl, enzymatic hydrolysis of liquid drug, health products as the USES raw material. With different drug compatibility and can produce different drugs and health care. Such as China pharmacopoeia of pearl royal, guangdong 07 yeah biological engineering company with metallothionein compatibility production 07 yeah biological drinks etc. 2. As cosmetics, skin care products of raw material. 3. As food additives. 4. As taurine production materials.

Second, zymolysing pearl liquid production technology

(a) process raw material treatment - shells of keratin preparation, preparation of shell meat pulp and destroyed enzyme and zymolysing sealing machine, and filtration sterilization and inspection package and.

(2) process points

1. Raw material processing (1) pearl conch layer the preparation of powder. Will pearl conch clean, shell with grinding wheel grinding the nonwhite layer outside MAO, crushed into powder, shell slice the fine, the better. (2) ZhenZhuBei meat processing. Shell meat - to closed shells and NaOH root > water pH8-9 4 directed stir dip 15 minutes - drain off the defiled 3 to 4 times, water and drain the water - to use ethanol skim deodorization - to ethanol residual liquid - washed to basic no ethanol flavour with spare not immediately and 40 ℃, should quick-frozen rear - 18 ℃. Set aside.

2. The preparation of ZhenZhuBei keratin pearl shell layer powder add a little water move into mushy - demineralization join 12% HC1 (hydrochloric acid) stir, stay bubbles, add 12% after static HC1, repeated several times, to no bubble so far - precipitation - go out and supernatant fluid adding a few water and boil - put cold to 3-5 ℃ - colloid floe keratin exhalation - clarification to wash and supernatant fluid and clarification to supernatant fluid, repeated several times to neutral - keratin hydrate.

3. The preparation ZhenZhuBei ZhenZhuBei meat pulp for freezing shell meat flesh are subject to thaw to meat, grain scattered twice matter weight added by wringing water, broken, then after stage to a pulp dilly colloid.

4. Zymolysing (1) depending on the subsequent product needs, but alone zymolysing keratin, yi ke zymolysing keratin mixture with meat pulp. For example: in mixture before zymolysing 7kg 1kg mixture water, according to agitate. (2) protease hydrolysis. Materials will join reaction jug, hydrochloric acid will pH transferred to 4.5-5.5, the materials will join the 3% -- 6% heavy protease, stirring. Constant temperature 45 ℃ + 3 ℃, reaction 4 hours. (3) pancreatic enzyme hydrolysis. With NaOH (sodium hydroxide) will pH transferred to 8-9.5, press material heavy 4% - 7% pancreatic enzyme, stirring, joined 45 ℃ + 3 ℃ constant temperature, reaction 5-6 hours. Heating up to 100 ℃ destroy enzymes. Too zymolysing pearl liquid, pH 6.5-7.2. According to the subsequent product needs, add citric acid adjustable pH 450-6.5.

5 filtration decoloring first use the filter cloth, then add the dry coarse filter paper meal adsorption 10 minutes, the suction filter, repeat second, press matter weight 2% to join with active carbon 2:3 diatomite, a mixture of heating to 65 ℃, maintain 45 minutes, put cold to 5 ℃, the suction filter.

6. Set to total nitrogen content determination of nitrogen, according to user requirements into various specifications varieties with.

7. Use a glass bottle filling sealing 8. Sterilization. Back pressure sterilization, sterilization formula is 15 '- 20' - 15 '/ 115 ℃

8. Inspection, packaging.

Three, finished product main quality indicators

1. Sensory indexes: color and form: light yellow clear liquid. Taste and smell: ZhenZhuBei layer powder and shellfish is inherent in the meat smell after zymolysing, no peculiar smell. Impurities: don't allow the existence.

2. Physiochemical index: total nitrogen mg/is 100 gold: p 240 calcium salt with Ca plan mg/is 100 gold: more than 0.01 pH: 4.5-6.5

3. Health indicators: As plan mg/Kg) more than 0.5 lead to Pb plan mg/Kg: more than half the total bacterial count of more than 100 a/ml coliforms a / 100ml canister acuities were three pathogenic bacteria intestinal pathogenic bacteria, pathogenic aureus means: can not detected.

Four, test method: according to the People's Republic of China pharmacopoeia of the relevant provisions of two parts. The record of the guangdong province can execute enterprise product standards.

The first generation: grinding pearl powder (super-tiny pearl powder), the traditional grinding or modern machinery crushing of ultrafine pearl powder, insoluble in water, people eat it equal to eat stone powder. By human stomach acid only absorbs 7%, medicinal and health care - 12% with limited success. On the market sell 5 yuan / 150 grams of products, many for this category, soluble in water, not pure milky liquid is clear and transparent colorless liquid.

The second generation: hydrolyzed pearl powder, is made with acid water molecules, with a capacity of water, easily absorbed. Its defects is many ingredients in acid hydrolysis sabotage, taking effect when a slightly increased. But this chemical methods of the water solubility of pearl powder preparation of one hand acidity material destroyed pearl of natural nourishment essence, secondly in production process will abandon many elite material, water soluble pearl powder is actually calcium lactate, its function to repair calcium primarily.

The third generation: zymolysing pearl powder, is made of enzyme hydrolysis. Its main advantages and benefits:

(1) maximum keep a pearl nutritional ingredients;

(2) 100% soluble in water, almost all can be human body than the first generation absorb absorptivity, about 10 were high pearl powder; Dissolves in water visible colorless transparent liquid (this is the product and on common market other products of the most significant differences to also can distinguish the products! Disadvantages rock-solid.)

3) intake of amino acid total body than the first generation of pearl powder 18 times more;

(4) HuoXingGai (third generation peculiar) content 20% or so, since it and many trace elements together, filling calcium effect more apparent;

(5) the long-term internal and prolong life. Old people live a long and healthy life, HeFaTongYan; Old people tend to rehabilitation, energized; Exclamation youth fleeting people, preserves forever the young glorious.




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