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Pearl nutrient powder

The tecumseh brand natural pearl powder
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Product name:The tecumseh brand natural pearl powder
Category:Pearl nutrient powder
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Detailed introduction:
 body and 28 kinds of human very beneficial water-soluble trace element, is the ideal nutrition food and beauty &skin care market.

Method of use: oral, daily in the morning -- times, each time 1 gram and milk or boiled water blunt;

External use: apply adequate amount to the pearl with a little water (e.g. by milk, honey) effect is better; Paste after onto face, arms, forehead, 10 minutes after rinse off.

Main raw materials and ingredients: mother-of-pearl, pearl protein and trace elements

Execution standard: Q/TK002-2002

Tag number: north iron BT002-2002 confess

Production license: GXLXL - 20010036




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