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Pearl nutrient powder

Pearl skincare powder
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Product name:Pearl skincare powder
Category:Pearl nutrient powder
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Detailed introduction:

This product adopts TieShanGang area mother-of-pearl as raw materials, processing and other skin care raw materials by non-staining to protect skin -- pearl powder, this product has the whitening essence. Applications: used in daub skin, nourish skin, facial wrinkles fade with limbs and apply to skin, improve skin cells Lu, inverse youthful appearance of metabolism,.

With: can dispel the sweat, treat acne, wound canker not gathered, etc.

Mask usage: take this product 10-20 grams pour containers. Add warm water, egg white, honey, harmonic mixing, apply to facial mask, gently massage to 20 to 30 minutes, clean water clean, often use the effect is much better.

Production date: see sealing

Net content: 100 grams

Shelf life: 24 months

Storage deposit: sealed, cool and dry place preservation

Execution standard: Q/TTKOO1-2000 diop type 002

Production license: GXLXK - 20010036

Batch thing: GuiWei makeup word (2001) register 518




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